‘Who are we, if not measured by our impact on others? That’s who we are. We’re not who we say we are. We are not who we want to be. We are the sum of the influence and impact we have, in our lives, on other’

Carl Sagan

No Other Game Alike

I set up No Other Game Alike after seeing some grassroots sessions and realising that the coaches I was watching were incredibly well meaning but needed guidance and a framework to make best use of their efforts. I was watching many of the mistakes that were made when I was a youth player despite all the advancements and access to coaching material.

It’s called No Other Game Alike, because quite simply there isn’t any other game like Football. An estimated 5.4billion people watched the 2022 World Cup Final. Nothing else comes close!

Michael O’Neill

I only ever played grassroots as a youth player. While at grassroots I never had any coaching with just volunteer dads doing the best they could and as a result, I probably never fulfilled my potential as I should.

Now, after nearly two decades coaching, I’m determined to help give grassroots players the immensely positive experience I never had by putting my experience into a programme for the volunteer mums and dads out there to easily follow and implement.

Similarly, when I’m coaching, I’m always go in with the belief that the players can and will improve, so I am always determined to help the players learn. So 1on1 and group sessions are full of fun, engaging and challenging activities to keep the players active, enjoying themselves and improving.

My aim is to bring best practice to players and coaches; to help provide engaging sessions and experiences to players in order to enhance participation, while supercharging enjoyment and the fulfillment of children’s athletic potential